feetoffury: (Annoyed)
春麗 (Chun Li) ([personal profile] feetoffury) wrote2013-01-26 03:22 pm

Third Brawl: Beating Up the Fourth Wall! [Action!]


[Chun-Li hated not being able to get to work on time, and she was certainly running late this morning. The crowd of strangers was just blocking up traffic and making it difficult to get to her shift at Seventh Heaven today. Bunch of annoying New Feathers. She tries to slip through the crowd but gradually gets annoyed and hops up onto a rooftop, using a stranger's shoulders to give a boost...without permission, and scampers off.]

Sorry! But I'm in a hurry!

[That morning, she works her butt off cooking for all the new people and leaves her shift exhausted, slowly making her way home to change and relax. Of course, her energy returns later on that afternoon and she's off to the Barracks and Battle Dome for training as usual!

Grab her however you'd like. ]

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