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Name: 春丽 (Chun-Li)
Fandom: Street Fighter
Gender: Female
Age: Late 20s (Canon never states, though her history supports this assumption)
Time Period: Udon Comics/Street Fighter IV after defeating Juri Han (Continuity notes in history)
Wing Color: White, with streaks of electric blue


A note about continuity: Street Fighter has a very, very convoluted storyline that has been subject to many retcons over the years. In my head, the timeline of the character is: Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li (Comic)  Street Fighter Alpha series (Games)  Udon’s Street Fighter 2 (Comic)  Street Fighter 2 (Game)  Super Street Fighter IV (Game). Moreover, in my head the true ending to Street Fighter 2 is Guile’s ending. Capcom never stated a canon victor, but all of the Street Fighter IV storylines seem to point to Guile having won the tournament, though Bison was killed by Akuma no matter the ending.

Chun-Li was born in Hong Kong during the British occupation. Her father was an officer in the Hong Kong police force, and was heavily involved in the anti-organized crime unit. When she was very young, her mother passed away, and while it is never implicitly stated it is implied that it was a targeted assassination by the Hong Kong mafia. Chun-Li’s father was also a well known master of wushu, Chinese martial arts. When she was around 5 years old, Chun-Li saw her father practicing forms and decided that she wanted to learn martial arts.

Her father accepted her as a student, and taught her a great deal before sending her to various other teachers for training. The most notable and influential of these tutors was her father’s friend, Gen. Gen was an extremely skilled, deadly martial artist known and feared throughout the criminal world. He made a living as an assassin, and shared with Chun-Li many of the secrets of his art. However, he never intended for her to know about his criminal activities. While the two were training one day, Gen and Chun-Li were attacked by a ninja of unknown origin. In a fit of rage, Gen killed the ninja in cold blood and in the process robbing the 10 year old Chun-Li of her innocence. After that day, the elderly assassin told her to never associate with him again, and that he could never share the final (and lethal) secrets of his style with her.
Chun-Li’s teenage development remains largely unknown, though several comics state that she went to a private high school and made friends with a girl named Po-Lin. The two developed an intense rivalry that carried on until well after college. Chun-Li attended Hong Kong University and shortly after graduation moved on to the Hong Kong Police Academy. She and Po-Lin graduated with high honors, receiving commendations from the Academy for shooting, unarmed combat ability, riot control, and detective work.

Two years after graduating from the Academy, Chun-Li and Po-Lin were put onto the Shadaloo Task Force, a unit investigating the criminal organization run by M. Bison. They spent some time with absolutely zero leads, until finally they received a call regarding a Shadaloo agent named Sagat. He had killed local dojo owner Go Hibiki, and was in the process of absconding with a series of priceless Chinese artifacts from the Hong Kong National Museum. Chun-Li, Po-Lin, and her father tracked down and engaged the Shadaloo thugs, apprehending all but Sagat. Sagat wounded Chun-Li’s father and Po-Lin and made off in a submarine.

Only a few months later while he was on the verge of locating the Shadaloo main base, Chun-Li’s father was abducted by Agent Killer Bee. Killer Bee, later known as Cammy, eventually killed him on orders from M. Bison. This was a major turning point in Chun-Li’s life, causing her to reevaluate her position on many things.

Swearing revenge, Chun-Li dedicated herself towards ending Shadaloo and putting Bison behind bars. To this end she was transferred to Interpol and began to make contact with other investigators working on the case, most notably Guile of the United States Airforce. Guile’s best friend, Charlie Nash had disappeared while working the same case, a few months after initiating contact with Chun Li, and the duo turned their attention towards locating Charlie as a possible link to Shadaloo. Shortly after they teamed up, the two discovered that Bison was actively attempting to capture fighters from around the world, and that his latest target was a talented young martial artist named Ryu. They tracked Ryu to Japan, following him to a remote mountain dojo whereupon they were attacked by Shadaloo agent “Shadow.” In the brawl that followed, “Shadow” managed to subdue Guile, but was subsequently defeated by Chun-Li. It was then that they learned a terrible truth: “Shadow” was Charlie, who had been brainwashed by Bison’s insidious “Psycho Drive.” The repeated blows to the head, as well as Guile’s presence managed to snap Charlie out of the brainwashing and they headed up the mountain in search of Ryu. Halfway up the mountain, they were attacked by yet another Shadaloo agent, M. Bison himself. Bison was soundly defeated by Charlie, who performed his signature move “Somersault Justice” and brought the mountain down on both himself and Bison. Guile and Chun-Li left, thinking it was all over.

A few weeks later, Chun-Li reported in to an Interpol agency, where she spotted MI6 agent Cammy (AKA Killer Bee). Attacking, thinking mainly that she was an undercover agent, Chun-Li thrashed Cammy until the remainder of the MI6 agents in the building broke up the fight. Cammy had lost her memory, recovering from Shadaloo brainwashing herself, and so Chun-Li forgave her for the murder of her father, saying only that “It wasn’t her, it was Bison.”
Her quest to end the Shadaloo organization took Chun-Li back to Hong Kong, where she teamed up with her old master Gen and the action movie star Fei-Long to take out a pair of Shadaloo agents posing as movie directors. Shortly after this incident, she learned that through some dark means, M. Bison had revived from the dead.

A short while later, she received a letter from Shadaloo, inviting her to participate in the Street Fighter tournament, a martial arts tournament that Bison was hosting. She entered, along with Guile, Ryu, Cammy, and many others who had been wronged by Bison. Each fighter had their own reasons for participating, but in the end it was Guile who earned the right to challenge Bison and later defeating him. At Chun-Li’s urging, the soldier spared Bison’s life, planning on giving him over to the authorities for a proper trial. “Better to not become a man like him,” she said. However, another fighter had plans for Bison: Akuma. Akuma was a powerful and deadly martial artist who had so fully dedicated himself to fighting that he had become something akin to a demon. When Bison was defeated, Akuma snatched out his soul and sent it to hell to await judgment, breaking Bison’s ability to resurrect from the dead.

A few years later, Chun-Li had all but quashed Shadaloo, which had begun to crumble without Bison’s leadership. Rumors began to fly, however, about another criminal organization that had risen to fill in the void: S.I.N. While investigating with her old friend Guile, as well as Ryu and his friends Ken Masters and Sakura Kasugano, Chun-Li was attacked by S.I.N. Agent Juri Han. Yuri, her body altered by S.I.N. initially defeated Chun-Li, but this only fueled Chun-Li’s desire to unravel the mystery of S.I.N. After more investigation, she was again confronted by Juri, and managed to subdue the Korean fighter. Han escaped police custody while Chun-Li entered the main S.I.N. HQ, intent on destroying the sinister BLECE devise that had so altered Yuri.


Chun-Li is, at her core, a cheerful and kind woman. She has always shown a remarkable degree of good cheer towards any non-villain in her canon, and has even been shown to have a high degree of respect for Sagat after his reform. To her friends, she is generous and helpful, willing to do anything in her power to help them with any trouble they might be having. Her behavior towards Guile, in particular, highlights this. She learns that he is having family troubles, and tries to help him through it. She also makes it a point to not let Guile lose himself in revenge against Bison. Chun-Li is also someone who has an easy time making friends, due to her fairly easygoing demeanor. She graciously accepts the title of “Auntie” from Gen’s two young students, Yun and Yang, often chiding them on their martial arts while protesting that she isn’t old.

Chun-Li’s capacity for forgiveness is also quite noteworthy. When she initially meets Cammy, her first reaction is to attack with all her might, outright destroying a large portion of the building they are in and shattering a car in the process. However, after she gets a clear look in Cammy’s eyes, Chun-Li stops. Not long after, she and Cammy are working together like best friends, with their fight long forgotten. Similarly, she has a brawl with Fei Long in a tea-shop, but is able to forgive his attack and later work with and have a trusting friendship with him.

Chun-Li, however, is a relentless and implacable foe of Shadaloo and those that would reside outside of the law. She an extremely just-minded person, believing that killing is wrong, even if it is a horrible foe like M. Bison. In fact, she feels so strongly about this that she talks Guile out of killing him, instead planning on arresting him, though Akuma ended that plan. She has an intense rivalry with other characters noted not only for their illegal activities, but also for their penchants for violence, sadistic tendencies, and cruelty. She often states that she feels those traits make people less than dirt.

She is, despite her fighting prowess and emotional trauma due to the death of her father also a fairly calm person. She does not get angry easily, and can let go of her anger when it does build up. These are traits she was taught by her father and his tai-chi. She also rarely resorts to violence, except in extreme cases where it is warranted. Martial arts, to her, are a means of defense, and for justice, not a path to power. She respects anyone who follows the same path as she does, such as Ryu, Ken, or Sakura. Chun-Li has developed friendly rivalries with many individuals, though sometimes gets a bit heated with her enemies.

She also has a great affection for dogs, children, sweet food, and pop music.


Physical: Chun-Li is a masterful, graceful, and elegant martial artist. She is skilled in many forms of Chinese wushu, ranging from tai-chi to kung-fu. Thanks to the nature of her training, she is also capable of manipulating her ki to perform superhuman stunts like flipping off walls, kicking incredibly fast or hurling projectiles of pure energy. She’s in excellent shape, and is renowned with other World Warriors for her speed. Like all of the World Warriors capable of manipulating ki, she is physically stronger than a normal human being and possesses some measure of superhuman stamina as well.  Her ability to break a car apart with her bare hands and not die from punches by characters like Zangief and Sagat, are evidence of this trait. 

In other respects, she is a top notch athlete, and an expert shot. She has received recognition from the Hong Kong Police and Interpol for her shooting skills. Due to her martial arts background it is indicated that she has some skill at wielding traditional Chinese weaponry, such as scholar-swords and staves as they are considered essential parts of one’s training.

Mental: Chun-Li has a calm demeanor, and is capable of intense mental focus when called on due to her martial arts training. She is also a dedicated, intelligent detective. She proves this over and over with her encounters with Shadaloo’s shadowy organization, managing to track them down from scattered leads all across the globe. She is also shown to have some skill with traditional Chinese instruments, dancing, and singing. Moreover, she’s stated as speaking five languages: Cantonese, Japanese, English, Mandarin, and French due to her education and Interpol training.

Emotional: Chun-Li is an incredibly loyal person, standing up time and time again for what she believes is right. She absolutely, dogmatically, refuses to back down when faced with incredible odds. She shows remarkable compassion, and capacity to see the good in other people, for example the assassin Gen.


Physical: While an adept fighter, Chun-Li is still human. Gunshots, knives, and other such things still injure her, severely. She is also fairly small, and known for her speed and skill, not for her physical might among the pantheon of World Warriors.

Mental: Chun-Li’s main mental weakness is that she is young for an Interpol agent, and therefore has shown the occasional bout if naivety. She’s willing to see the good in people, and that occasionally gets her in trouble. She has no major psychological problems, and she’s not dumb, but sometimes she gets in over her head.

Emotional: Chun-Li is not one to let her emotions control her, however she is an incredibly zealous police officer. She does not suffer violent, sadistic criminals lightly. This is due to the death of her father at the hands of M. Bison, a vicious individual if there ever was one. The topics of her father, Bison, Shadaloo, and S.I.N. are also sore points for her. Additionally, she has an intense rivalry with other female martial artists who’ve participated in the Street Fighter Tournament. She hold the title “Worlds Strongest Woman” and she intends to keep it. This has led to less than friendly confrontations with both Crimson Viper and Juri Han.


First Person: Geez, I'm not back in this place again, am I?  Where's that stupid journal...<small>[A rustle follows, and a video feed starts.]</small> Well, I never thought I'd be back here again.  I only remember a little bit from last time, but that's better than starting fresh I guess.  Does anyone still remember me?  If not, well, I'm Agent Chun-Li from Interpol, and it looks like I've been left out in the woods.  It's pretty cold, so if anyone has some time and wouldn't mind bringing me a spare coat, I'd be really grateful.  Oh, and it'd be great if someone could tell me the date, so I know more about what's going on.   <small>[The woman in the video settles up against a tree and waits on a response.]</small>  Malnosso jerks.  Really wish I could just have a normal day on the job without something weird going on.  Tch, hopefully the food's as good as I remember.  I could really use some noodles and a some hot coffee.

3rd Person:

It’d been a long, long time since Chun-Li had bothered to celebrate Christmas.  Since her father had been murdered it’d left her with little desire to really rejoice, and with Gen dead it wasn’t like she’d had much family to really spend time with, so she’d just worked overtime on the Shadaloo case.  After all, international crime rings didn’t stop working just for the holidays.  But since she was back here in Luceti, she didn’t really have the option to work.  It felt odd, decorating a tree in her little apartment, but she found herself gradually getting into the winter spirit. 

The snow outside was a nice surprise, and even though the wind chilled her wings just a bit she’d gone out and had a good time with the others in her community building.  Let nobody ever say that Chun-Li was a Grinch, because she lobbed snowballs and skated with the others.  But that didn’t do more than distract her, really. At the end of the day, no matter how pleasant it was spending time with people here, she was still pretty much alone.  There wasn’t anyone else from her world that she knew of, and even if she was back at home she’d just have been working.  Coming back to an empty apartment only served to highlight the problem.

Coming in from a particularly chilly evening, the detective kicked off her boots and meandered over to crank up the heat and grab a beer from the fridge.  She shivered and plopped down by a small space heater, popping the top and adjusting the seat to make her wings comfortable.  She took a long sip and rolled her head back, staring at the ceiling with a tired expression.  Chun-Li didn’t drink often, but today just felt like one of those days.

“Geez,” she said out loud, “It’s pretty crummy to get sucked away from work just in time to spend the holidays alone.  But I guess that’s just my luck.”

Lazily, she set down the drink and picked up a remote, turning on a small stereo.  Obnoxiously upbeat Mandopop was always a surefire way to liven her mood, and soon she found herself wondering why she was so down, so she tossed the beer and started making some cocoa, humming along with the tune.

“After all, you always did want to be a normal girl, Chunners, and Papa always said if you can’t change your situation, at least make the best of it.”