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春麗 (Chun Li) ([personal profile] feetoffury) wrote2000-03-07 07:31 am
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OOC Contact/HMD

This post is for people that need to get in touch with me, Axiom.  This would also be where you can post CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE for Chun Li.

If you need to reach me personally:

AIM: Tuldawen (I leave this up most of the time, just leave a message and I will get back to you)
Email: Godeslas@gmail.com

I welcome constructive critique.  However, I will not tolerate insults, even anonymous ones.  They will be screened out.  I expect civility, and will happily debate with anyone who approaches me with such.  Butthurt bitching is just unacceptable.

IP Logging is: Off
Anonymous Commenting is: On 
Anonymous Screening is: On

PS: I may be slow to reply, I live in Japan, and operate on a different timezone than 99% of the game.