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Name: Grue/Axiom
Username: voidbearer
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Name: 春丽 (Chun-Li)
Fandom: Street Fighter
Gender: Female
Age: Late 20s (Canon never states, though her history supports this assumption)
Time Period: Udon Comics/Street Fighter IV after defeating Juri Han (Continuity notes in history)
Wing Color: White, with streaks of electric blue

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It’d been a long, long time since Chun-Li had bothered to celebrate Christmas.  Since her father had been murdered it’d left her with little desire to really rejoice, and with Gen dead it wasn’t like she’d had much family to really spend time with, so she’d just worked overtime on the Shadaloo case.  After all, international crime rings didn’t stop working just for the holidays.  But since she was back here in Luceti, she didn’t really have the option to work.  It felt odd, decorating a tree in her little apartment, but she found herself gradually getting into the winter spirit. 

The snow outside was a nice surprise, and even though the wind chilled her wings just a bit she’d gone out and had a good time with the others in her community building.  Let nobody ever say that Chun-Li was a Grinch, because she lobbed snowballs and skated with the others.  But that didn’t do more than distract her, really. At the end of the day, no matter how pleasant it was spending time with people here, she was still pretty much alone.  There wasn’t anyone else from her world that she knew of, and even if she was back at home she’d just have been working.  Coming back to an empty apartment only served to highlight the problem.

Coming in from a particularly chilly evening, the detective kicked off her boots and meandered over to crank up the heat and grab a beer from the fridge.  She shivered and plopped down by a small space heater, popping the top and adjusting the seat to make her wings comfortable.  She took a long sip and rolled her head back, staring at the ceiling with a tired expression.  Chun-Li didn’t drink often, but today just felt like one of those days.

“Geez,” she said out loud, “It’s pretty crummy to get sucked away from work just in time to spend the holidays alone.  But I guess that’s just my luck.”

Lazily, she set down the drink and picked up a remote, turning on a small stereo.  Obnoxiously upbeat Mandopop was always a surefire way to liven her mood, and soon she found herself wondering why she was so down, so she tossed the beer and started making some cocoa, humming along with the tune.

“After all, you always did want to be a normal girl, Chunners, and Papa always said if you can’t change your situation, at least make the best of it.”



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春麗 (Chun Li)

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