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[Mid-afternoon, after her morning shift at Seventh Heaven and lunch, Chun-Li appears over the journal in a video feed. Smiling, and dressed in a heavy brown varsity jacket over warm looking clothes, she’s outside in the plaza, waving down at the camera.]

Hello everyone. This is Chun-Li,, and I’d like to announce that due to the weather, and Smoker’s continued absence I will be cancelling the self-defense classes at the barracks for the next few days. At least until after Christmas, or till Smoker gets back. It just feels appropriate. However, if you’d still be interested continuing to train or you need a sparring partner I’ll be happy to keep up classes in the Battle Dome. It’s just not a good idea to do too much heavy breathing in the snow like this, particularly the sorts of breathing exercises I've been teaching, so keep that up while you're indoors, or meet me at the usual time in the Dome.

That said, I’m also willing to teach anyone proper firearm usage to anyone who doesn’t already know how to use them. That’ll be in the Battle Dome as well, of course, since we don’t really have a whole lot of 9 millimeter ammo to spare. I’m a licensed instructor back home, and I can teach you how to use anything from a pistol to a shotgun. If you can’t defend yourself with your fists, may as well get a gun and learn how to shoot. I’m a strict teacher, though. Don’t expect to be coddled, and I won’t tolerate horseplay, especially with something like firearms.

[She pauses and looks around, letting out a sharp huff]

Switching gears here, what are some foods that remind you of winter, and the holiday season? It’s been a while since I really had time to myself for the holidays, and I gotta say I could use some comfort food. I know lots of folks have been asking about the holidays and stuff, but I guess I just don’t quite know what to make of it.

[She breaks off, looking away from the camera and turning to look up at the sky, and she looks a little more glum than usual. Thinking of her dad, and mom, and Po-Lin always makes her a bit wistful.]

Always makes me a bit daydreamy. Holidays.

[She turns back, smiles and cuts the feed before heading to the store to pick up stuff to cook. That evening, anyone in Community House 3 would be greeted by the smells of an enormous meal being prepared on the 6th floor. Anyone is welcome to stop by, she’s making desserts, Chinese food exactly as Gen taught her, and she’s got a small radio blasting some Chinese pop-songs throughout the floor. Cook something for the people you live with the elf had said, so...she'd complied happily!]


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