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2012-11-05 10:58 pm
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First Brawl: Round Two, FIGHT! [Action/Video]

[Agent Chun-Li was not going to be amused, at all. Suddenly waking up, sopping wet, was not her idea of a good time. And she couldn't help but shake the feeling that this was not the first time. She drowsily stirred, trying to shake off the heat of the hot spring and blearily make her way to out of the water. What is my life she thinks to herself, looking around the oddly familiar bathhouse for some sign of where she might be. Grumbling, she roots around until she finds a towel and thankfully her qipao had been folded up on a nearby table. On top of a familiar looking book...with her name written on it.

THAT got a low groan...and the detective flopped down to review.]

Ugh. Luceti.

[Not long after that, a Video came up over the network. Now dressed, dried and with her hair done up in proper ox-horns, the Interpol Agent coughed and stood before the camera, arms clasped in front of her.]

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Agent Chun-Li, and for those of you who remember me, hello!

If you don't, then allow me to introduce myself. I'm a police officer from Interpol, and I spent some time here during the last summer it seems. Back home I spend my free time teaching kung-fu and other sorts of wu-shu. I'm originally from Hong-Kong, but I've spent a lot of time travelling the last few years. Keeping busy with work, you know? My memory of being here before is pretty clear now that I've had the chance to go through the journal again, so don't hesitate to contact me if you want to talk or you need help.

I'm hoping not too much has changed in town, I can definitely remember this place having some really good food. And...I've gathered that it's getting getting into November so I guess that means it's going to get cold soon? Anyone who's been here through winter mind telling me what I need to be prepared for? I don't usually get outside the cities too much back home.

Anyway, it's nice to be back I suppose. If you see me wandering around town, don't be a stranger, alright? I don't bite.

[Chun-Li bows politely and cuts off the feed. She can be found around town, at the Clothing Shop, Item Shop, various restaurants, the Welcome Center, and the Smithy to collect her bracelets as well.]

(ooc: Tag her wherever you like, around town, at the hot springs, over the journal. I'm cool with whatever, break all the time you want!)