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[Chun-Li hated not being able to get to work on time, and she was certainly running late this morning. The crowd of strangers was just blocking up traffic and making it difficult to get to her shift at Seventh Heaven today. Bunch of annoying New Feathers. She tries to slip through the crowd but gradually gets annoyed and hops up onto a rooftop, using a stranger's shoulders to give a boost...without permission, and scampers off.]

Sorry! But I'm in a hurry!

[That morning, she works her butt off cooking for all the new people and leaves her shift exhausted, slowly making her way home to change and relax. Of course, her energy returns later on that afternoon and she's off to the Barracks and Battle Dome for training as usual!

Grab her however you'd like. ]
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[Mid-afternoon, after her morning shift at Seventh Heaven and lunch, Chun-Li appears over the journal in a video feed. Smiling, and dressed in a heavy brown varsity jacket over warm looking clothes, she’s outside in the plaza, waving down at the camera.]

Hello everyone. This is Chun-Li,, and I’d like to announce that due to the weather, and Smoker’s continued absence I will be cancelling the self-defense classes at the barracks for the next few days. At least until after Christmas, or till Smoker gets back. It just feels appropriate. However, if you’d still be interested continuing to train or you need a sparring partner I’ll be happy to keep up classes in the Battle Dome. It’s just not a good idea to do too much heavy breathing in the snow like this, particularly the sorts of breathing exercises I've been teaching, so keep that up while you're indoors, or meet me at the usual time in the Dome.

That said, I’m also willing to teach anyone proper firearm usage to anyone who doesn’t already know how to use them. That’ll be in the Battle Dome as well, of course, since we don’t really have a whole lot of 9 millimeter ammo to spare. I’m a licensed instructor back home, and I can teach you how to use anything from a pistol to a shotgun. If you can’t defend yourself with your fists, may as well get a gun and learn how to shoot. I’m a strict teacher, though. Don’t expect to be coddled, and I won’t tolerate horseplay, especially with something like firearms.

[She pauses and looks around, letting out a sharp huff]

Switching gears here, what are some foods that remind you of winter, and the holiday season? It’s been a while since I really had time to myself for the holidays, and I gotta say I could use some comfort food. I know lots of folks have been asking about the holidays and stuff, but I guess I just don’t quite know what to make of it.

[She breaks off, looking away from the camera and turning to look up at the sky, and she looks a little more glum than usual. Thinking of her dad, and mom, and Po-Lin always makes her a bit wistful.]

Always makes me a bit daydreamy. Holidays.

[She turns back, smiles and cuts the feed before heading to the store to pick up stuff to cook. That evening, anyone in Community House 3 would be greeted by the smells of an enormous meal being prepared on the 6th floor. Anyone is welcome to stop by, she’s making desserts, Chinese food exactly as Gen taught her, and she’s got a small radio blasting some Chinese pop-songs throughout the floor. Cook something for the people you live with the elf had said, so...she'd complied happily!]
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[Agent Chun-Li was not going to be amused, at all. Suddenly waking up, sopping wet, was not her idea of a good time. And she couldn't help but shake the feeling that this was not the first time. She drowsily stirred, trying to shake off the heat of the hot spring and blearily make her way to out of the water. What is my life she thinks to herself, looking around the oddly familiar bathhouse for some sign of where she might be. Grumbling, she roots around until she finds a towel and thankfully her qipao had been folded up on a nearby table. On top of a familiar looking book...with her name written on it.

THAT got a low groan...and the detective flopped down to review.]

Ugh. Luceti.

[Not long after that, a Video came up over the network. Now dressed, dried and with her hair done up in proper ox-horns, the Interpol Agent coughed and stood before the camera, arms clasped in front of her.]

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Agent Chun-Li, and for those of you who remember me, hello!

If you don't, then allow me to introduce myself. I'm a police officer from Interpol, and I spent some time here during the last summer it seems. Back home I spend my free time teaching kung-fu and other sorts of wu-shu. I'm originally from Hong-Kong, but I've spent a lot of time travelling the last few years. Keeping busy with work, you know? My memory of being here before is pretty clear now that I've had the chance to go through the journal again, so don't hesitate to contact me if you want to talk or you need help.

I'm hoping not too much has changed in town, I can definitely remember this place having some really good food. And...I've gathered that it's getting getting into November so I guess that means it's going to get cold soon? Anyone who's been here through winter mind telling me what I need to be prepared for? I don't usually get outside the cities too much back home.

Anyway, it's nice to be back I suppose. If you see me wandering around town, don't be a stranger, alright? I don't bite.

[Chun-Li bows politely and cuts off the feed. She can be found around town, at the Clothing Shop, Item Shop, various restaurants, the Welcome Center, and the Smithy to collect her bracelets as well.]

(ooc: Tag her wherever you like, around town, at the hot springs, over the journal. I'm cool with whatever, break all the time you want!)
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This is a place you can reach Chun-Li if you need her.

Dates/Times/Types of actions would be appreciated!
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Alright, here's a basic Permissions post
Threadhopping with this character?:  Sure 
Backtagging with this character?: I expect it
Hugging this character?: By all means.  She's quite friendly!  
Giving this character a kiss?: It may or may not result in far, far too much blushing, and if you're the wrong sort a massive kung-fu kick.
Something more intimate?: This is something you'd have to discuss with me.  Chun-Li is extremely picky, and by and large would reject most advances except after much thought.  
Relationships?: Chun-Li would be open to one, but like all things it would have to develop over a long, LONG period of time because of who she is.  She's cautious, and not willing to open completely to just anyone.  A note: Homosexual relationships would be even more difficult to develop, her conservative Chinese cultural background is not entirely open to this yet.
Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Absolutely, but there are some things to remember.  1) She's from STREET FIGHTER. She knows how to fight, very well. and  2) She WILL hit you back.

(Injury?): Please discuss with me.
(Death?): Please check with me.
Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: Anything is a go.
Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character?: She's very much still a police officer.  Openly mentioning illegal or murderous acts will probably draw out that side of her. 
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This post is for people that need to get in touch with me, Axiom.  This would also be where you can post CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE for Chun Li.

If you need to reach me personally:

AIM: Tuldawen (I leave this up most of the time, just leave a message and I will get back to you)
Email: Godeslas@gmail.com

I welcome constructive critique.  However, I will not tolerate insults, even anonymous ones.  They will be screened out.  I expect civility, and will happily debate with anyone who approaches me with such.  Butthurt bitching is just unacceptable.

IP Logging is: Off
Anonymous Commenting is: On 
Anonymous Screening is: On

PS: I may be slow to reply, I live in Japan, and operate on a different timezone than 99% of the game.


Mar. 7th, 2000 07:27 am
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Name: Grue/Axiom
Username: voidbearer
E-mail: Godeslas@gmail.com
AIM/MSN: Tuldawen


Name: 春丽 (Chun-Li)
Fandom: Street Fighter
Gender: Female
Age: Late 20s (Canon never states, though her history supports this assumption)
Time Period: Udon Comics/Street Fighter IV after defeating Juri Han (Continuity notes in history)
Wing Color: White, with streaks of electric blue

Check Below for Full App )

It’d been a long, long time since Chun-Li had bothered to celebrate Christmas.  Since her father had been murdered it’d left her with little desire to really rejoice, and with Gen dead it wasn’t like she’d had much family to really spend time with, so she’d just worked overtime on the Shadaloo case.  After all, international crime rings didn’t stop working just for the holidays.  But since she was back here in Luceti, she didn’t really have the option to work.  It felt odd, decorating a tree in her little apartment, but she found herself gradually getting into the winter spirit. 

The snow outside was a nice surprise, and even though the wind chilled her wings just a bit she’d gone out and had a good time with the others in her community building.  Let nobody ever say that Chun-Li was a Grinch, because she lobbed snowballs and skated with the others.  But that didn’t do more than distract her, really. At the end of the day, no matter how pleasant it was spending time with people here, she was still pretty much alone.  There wasn’t anyone else from her world that she knew of, and even if she was back at home she’d just have been working.  Coming back to an empty apartment only served to highlight the problem.

Coming in from a particularly chilly evening, the detective kicked off her boots and meandered over to crank up the heat and grab a beer from the fridge.  She shivered and plopped down by a small space heater, popping the top and adjusting the seat to make her wings comfortable.  She took a long sip and rolled her head back, staring at the ceiling with a tired expression.  Chun-Li didn’t drink often, but today just felt like one of those days.

“Geez,” she said out loud, “It’s pretty crummy to get sucked away from work just in time to spend the holidays alone.  But I guess that’s just my luck.”

Lazily, she set down the drink and picked up a remote, turning on a small stereo.  Obnoxiously upbeat Mandopop was always a surefire way to liven her mood, and soon she found herself wondering why she was so down, so she tossed the beer and started making some cocoa, humming along with the tune.

“After all, you always did want to be a normal girl, Chunners, and Papa always said if you can’t change your situation, at least make the best of it.”



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